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Heart Full of Love

This book is written by Ruchita Banerjee. The book is about her pregnancy journey and the beautiful experiences of her nine-month motherhood journey. This biography captures the memories of Ruchita and her memories with her husband, mother, mother-in-law, grandmother, and all her friends and family members.

Ruchita Patankar
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One Of a Kind

A Memoir of the irreplaceable bond I share with my manager who is also now my sister. This book is written by Nitesh. It is about his sister. This memoir captures the memories of Nitesh with his manager who he met some years ago in a workplace scenario and how their bond turned into a brother-sister bond. Nitesh always missed having a sister and now he had one. So he decided to gift his sister a beautiful book that record their journey.

Nitesh Kamath
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A Smile From Heaven

This memoir is about Faisal Siddiqui's mom. He is gifting the memoir to his father on his birthday. This book is written by Faisal Siddiqui. It is about his beloved late mother. Faisal wanted to preserve his mother's memories and gift his father the memoir of his mother. He lost her last year and therefore he wants to record every moment spent with her in a beautiful book.

Faisal Siddiqui
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My Mom My Hero

This book is a dedication to Sakshi’s mother who helped in her journey of being single-mom.

Saakshi Seth
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Reminiscing Remarkable

This book is about cherishing memories of Aaron’s brother bond with Wasim.

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Figured It Out

A sweet tale of love and conquests by Kumar Nair

Kumar Nair
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Flavors of Friendship

This book is written by Krishna Kumar (KK). It is about KK's friendship with his friend Richard Bumm. This memoir captures the memories of KK and Richard and their bittersweet friendship and ups and downs and all the learning. KK wants to gift the biography to his friend Richard Bumm.

Krishna Kumar
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The Rejoice of Rustic History

A memoir to honor my grandmother's journey. This book is written by Sampreeti. It is about her grandmother's journey and family history. This memoir captures the memories of Sampreeti's grandmother and Sampreeti's childhood memories. Sampreeti came to us requesting a biography

Sampreeti Sen
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My Home Maker Mom

A sweet tale of how a housewife turns into a businesswoman. This book is a tribute by Saurabh to his mother as a gift. She is a passionate homemaker and is now a successful owner of a homegrown brand.

Saurabh Redij
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Failing Better

This is Era Parker's biography - an athlete who met a horrible, career-ending accident during the Olympics.

Ezra Parker
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En Busca de Una Vida Mejor (In search of a better life)

A memoir of Allan Cobar's family history and the legacy of his grandfather.

Allan Cobar
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Andrew, My Archangel

A sweet tale of brotherhood bond and friendship love for his friend Andrew by Grushy Williams

Grushy Williams
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I’m so glad I have you

A sweet tale of mother's kind deeds by Sarah Angelico. This book is a journey down the lane of Sarah’s childhood memories with her mother.

Sarah Angelico
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Devotion of Dreamer

This is a mother's memoir written by her lovely daughter Olivia, who describes how Olivia comes around to the concept of her mother finally realizing her childhood goal. By documenting her mother's writing process in this book, she chooses to express her gratitude for her.

Olivia Brown
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One of a Kind

This book biography of Waffa Mason. She is born different. This book is one woman's story of survival, ultimately showing that perseverance and a good heart will always lead to brighter days. The book also shows the story of Waffa’s mother’s perspective - the way she wants to share the story of her daughter Waffa Mason's survival.

Waffa Mason
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Miss Marie Kristen

A sweet tale of my friendship with her filly Ashfire by Miss Mare Kristen

Joaana Merchant
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Stranger to Soulmate

A sweet tale of love and conquests by Lisa Namhair

Lisa Namhair
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Across the Sea

An inspiring story about not giving up on dreams by Dr. Russ Titterington. The book is about Russ Titterington, a man who lives with his family in a small village. He was born in the rural countryside of Africa. His life was not easy, and he had to work hard to sustain his family. His father died when he was only 10 years old, and he had to take care of his mother and four younger sisters. Russ dreamed of becoming a doctor, but he could not afford the fees to study medicine. His mother prayed for him to have a better life in another country and she encouraged him to pursue his dream. Russ found an opportunity to work as an assistant in a big hospital in the city. He worked hard day and night for three years saving money so that he could finally pursue his dream of studying medicine abroad. After many struggles, Russ finally managed to get accepted into medical school in America! He bought an old boat from his uncle and sailed across the sea with all his family members on board.

Dr. Russ Titterington
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